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MCTA Executive Board

Striving For Excellence!

This group was formed by the grassroots efforts of some very forward-thinking construction teachers in the late 1980’s. They recognized the need to collaborate with each other to be able to better serve the students that we have. Since then, the Michigan Construction Teachers Association has grown into a powerful voice for Career and Technical Education. The highlight each year is our annual conference, held the first week in February at the Shanty Creek Ski Resort in Bellaire, Michigan. This conference directly meets the common needs of the teachers involved, the state Office of Career and Technical Education, and those of industry. Our conference always begins with a Wednesday evening Trade Show and is then filled with speakers, programs, and demonstrations on Thursday and Friday.

The Trade Show

At our Trade Show, members can find:

University Representatives
Community College Representatives
Apprenticeship information
Trade school information
Trade organizations
Safety programs and certifications
Innovative building materials
Material Suppliers
Tool Companies
Tool Demonstrations
Construction Curriculum Vendors
Teacher Copies of Books

Recent Conference Topics

In the last few years, we have learned about and/or experienced:

Many excellent Keynote Speakers
Certification opportunities for our students
Green Certification for all members
60 Hour Pre-Licensing Certification for students
State Career and Technical Education requirements
Involvement in developing our current segments/standards
Involvement in developing a statewide construction test
Information on the TRAC process
Information on teacher certification
The ability to earn state PD hours
Speakers educating us about post-secondary opportunities
Seminars about building science concepts
New products available
Innovative teaching strategies
Ideas for funding
Ideas for community involvement
Scholarships for students
Discussions on student management
Resources for special needs students
Giving math and ELA credits


It is our intent to expose our membership to new techniques, methods, and information needed to be successful in today’s construction industry. We encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge through workshops, seminars, and professional conferences. We promote a positive work ethic and demand high quality workmanship. We foster a supportive environment by sharing of personal and academic experience. We strive to develop our professional skills and strategies to train the workers needed to fulfill the demands of the construction industry.


We believe all work is honorable. We believe in the worth of all individuals. We believe in the giving each student the opportunity to excel. We believe the individual is responsible for his/her well being, as well as those whom they work with. We believe in demonstrating a positive work ethic. We believe that honesty is the best policy. We believe that all challenges should be faced squarely. We believe that our mission statement reflects our goals and we continue to strive to keep them foremost in our organization.


A full membership shall be open to any construction trades teacher in the state of Michigan: Secondary, career/technical schools, college, university or construction programs offered by the department of corrections. An associate membership is open to any paraprofessional, instructional assistant/teacher aide.

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